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Mindfulness Meditation New York

A Life-Changing Method

Are you happy with your life or are there areas that you would like to change? The mind and body are very connected so an unhealthy mind can result in an unhealthy body. If you feel your mindset could use some direction, Uranga's Mind Works in New York City, NY, can enlighten your way through Mindfulness Meditation. Undoubtedly, the research supports the benefits of this very old Buddhist tradition, for both medical and mental health conditions.

The Mindfulness Meditation Process

The challenge in guided reflection is to experience the moment-to-moment body sensations, breath, and thoughts. We are reminded that we are not meditating to change ourselves, but to notice and accept whatever we are experiencing at the moment and gain awareness, which is inherent in human nature. The mind has unlimited capacity to continuously plan the future, relive the past, and even stifle moment-to-moment happiness. The objective is to observe and even be curious about what types of thoughts are distracting us before releasing them without being analyzed. Eventually, we will develop profound insight and wisdom when the meditation process is perfected.

Mindfulness Meditation is presently used in many health care facilities, corporate wellness centers, sports clinics, schools, prison settings, and religious ministries, to alleviate:

Personal Distress | Pain | Stress | Anxiety Treatment | Depression
| Decrease Duration of an Illness

Mindfulness Meditation can help: 

Improve Sleep | Protect the Immune System | Lower Heart Rate and Blood Pressure | Increase Your Decision-Making Ability | Centering

Mind Meditation

Dr. Uranga takes a dynamic part in delivering a guided reflection course. Uranga's Mind Works will design and deliver a lecture, course, or workshop, describing the mindfulness meditative process according to Eastern philosophy.

Shaping Our Reality

Other than the benefits derived from daily practice, there is another dimension to consider, which consists of developing a connectedness to all of humanity through our Creator. Meditation practice requires a steadfast determination, discipline, and the desire to transform ourselves to experience daily joy and acceptance.

As part of our transformation, we will recognize the moral contradictions of our society with respect to its codes of justice, rehabilitation, and punishment. The road to personal transformation is arduous, and we need different lenses to see reality. Without these new lenses, we will continue to experience suffering and disconnectedness in the guise of hurry, worry, and unhappiness. The process of daily meditation at its core challenges us to follow a prescriptive lifestyle very similar to the Buddha’s road to enlightenment.

If you are interested in Dr. Uranga’s spiritual guidance, you may also find results in her other methods, such as Integrated Life Coaching and Ericksonian Hypnosis

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